Soul Worker Online Release Date, Overview

Soul Worker Online is a third-person hack n slash anime style MMORPG game from Lion Games. In this game, players take the role as a Soul Worker to be humanity’s savior. With more than a 100 PvE dungeons and story line episode bosses make this game huge. Cel-shaded, 3D, anime-style graphics gives different look to Soul Worker Online.

Soul Worker Online Features

  • Third-person action MMORPG game
  • Large PvE content to explore
  • Cell-Shaded 3D anime style graphics
  • Four Classes at launch (Gun Jazz, Howling Guitar, Soulum Sword
  • and Mist Scyth) for NA and EU
  • Crafting, Guild, Housing System
  • PvP areas with monsters and bosses.

Soul Worker Online Gameplay

Note: Soul worker online already launched or in beta processes in Korea, Japan, China.

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Soul Worker Online
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Developer: Lion Games

: Sega(KR), Gameflier(TW), NHN Hangame(JP), Shanda Games(CN), Gameforge(NA, EU)

Platform: Windows PC
Engine: Havok Vision
Release date: TBA
Mode: Multiplayer
Current Status: In Development (NA, EU)

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I want to play. I am from Canada


I want to play it. I am from Philippines.

the unknown
the unknown

when will this be released and what platforms will it be for?


sweet cant wait