Lineage Eternal Twilight Resistance Release Date Gameplay

Lineage Eternal or Lineage 3 is the third game of Lineage series. Lineage Eternal first revealed at 2011 G-star gaming event in South Korea and since then only few details revealed. Lineage game developed and published by NCSOFT which is know for Aion, Blade and Soul and many other games.

Lineage Eternal Features

  • Open World MMORPG Game (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game)
  • Dungeons and Raid System
  • Multi Platform support – Able to play on PC and Mobile device
  • PvP System

Here is official game play video of Lineage Eternal, you can get idea of gameplay from this video which is big enough to watch.

Lineage Eternal Official Gameplay trailer

lineage 3

Lineage Eternal Release Date

Numerous delays happen since first reveal and till no proper release date confirmed. Most likely Beta Test process of Lineage Eternal start from November 2016 for Korea region.

Lineage eternal closed beta 1 date for Korea. 

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