Caravan Stories, cross-platform JRPG Game

Caravan Stories which was previously revealed as a Project Caravan, it is a cross-platform MMORPG game from Japanese developer Aiming. The game is meant to be cross-platform, where Mobile and PC users will share the same account and server. The graphics are like Anime Art, can be compared with the Tree of Savior graphics.

Caravan Stories Trailer

Like most MMORPG games it also has various dungeons, in-game content, PvP and many other systems, including six races to choose from, however, the game is in development stage so many things will change. Another thing is to note that the mobile version of Caravan Stories has an Auto Play button compared to the PC version.

Caravan Stories Gameplay Screen Shots

Caravan Stories android
caravan stories boss
caravan stories collessium
Caravan Stories Combat
Caravan Stories Mobile
Caravan Stories Races