Best Upcoming PC MMORPG Games 2017

Here are some of the best upcoming PC MMORPG games from different developers, most of the above games are in development and testing process. These are the latest PC MMORPG games planning to launch and in development for a long time.

Lost Ark Online

Lost Ark online is one of the most anticipated MMORPG game from the past year, which is developed by Smile Gate Korea, Lost Ark is powered by Unreal Engine 3 and planned 18 playable characters which is a huge amount. This game is very similar to Diablo 3 in the term of graphics, but it has many features compare to Diablo 3, such as Tripod system, Life professions, Dungeons, Raids, Quests, Mini Games, PVP, Guild System and an open world MMORPG. Lost Ark Online has already done closed beta test in Korea and planning for 2nd closed beta test.

Lineage Eternal Twilight Resistance (Lineage 3)

One of the most famous MMORPG game series along with Diablo, after server delays in the launch, NCSOFT recently announced first closed beta test date of lineage eternal for Korea. Lineage Eternal is a sequel of the Lineage series with improved graphics. An interesting thing about Lineage Eternal is that we can play it on PC and Mobile devices. In the past few days ago NCSOFT released the trailer showing 13 characters, footage of Lineage Eternal.

Peria Chronicles

Anime Style Sandbox MMORPG game, this game mechanism is very similar to Pokemon such as capture monsters knows as Kirana and use them in battle. Peria Chronicles include sandbox features such as creating own maps, quotes and mini games. This game is under development of Thingsoft and Nexon.

Soul Worker Online

Soul Worker Online is as an anime style MMORPG game developed by Lion Games, this game already launched in a few countries (KR, TW, JP, CN) and soon launch in NA and EU via Gameforge. Soul Worker Online is large enough to explore with more than 100 PvE dungeons.

Revelation Online

Revelation Online is one of the NetEase MMORPG game powered by Big Bang Engine, this game already launched in a few countries by different publishers, closed beta test 1 for western countries has just ended a few days ago and CBT2 will be started before the end of this year. An interesting feature of Revelation Online is we can explore the world of Revelation through flying using wings.

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