Lost Ark Online

Lost Ark Online is a Korean Hack n Slash MMORPG game which is in development for quite a long time. This game looks like Diablo 3 but we can find some missing features of Diablo 3 in Lost Ark Online. SmileGate has planned 18 playable characters for the Lost Ark. It contains a variety of dungeons, classes, PvP, quest, raids and many other features.

Lost Ark Online Features

  • Open World Hack n Slash MMORPG game
  • Powered by Unreal Engin 3
  • 18 playable Classes
  • Tripod System (used for unique skill combos)
  • Life professions (Mining, Fishing, Plant Gathering, Woodcutting,
  • Hunting)
  • Dungeons, Raids, Quests, Mini Games, PvP, Guild System

Lost Ark Online Gameplay, Story

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lost ark


Developer: SmileGate

: SmileGate, Tencent(CN)

Platform: Windows PC
Engine: Unreal Engine 3
Release date: TBA
Mode: Multiplayer
Current StatusClosed Beta (KR)

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