Ragnarok Journey, Browser MMORPG Game by Warpportal

Ragnarok Journey, it is a browser game published by Warpportal and developed by Gravity, Ragnarok Journey is currently in the Pre-register process which allows limited players to play this game before actual launch.
Ragnarok web Ragnarok Browser game

Ragnarok Journey Gameplay Overview

Ragnarok Journey has similar features¬†of old classic Ragnarok Online such as classes, skills, stats and much more, but unlike old Ragnarok, it follows the story line like killing the limited amount of monsters, talking NPC and complete quests one by one to gain more powerful equips. This game also allows Auto system which gives user ability to Auto-Potion and Auto-Battle. Game graphics are really cute, but somehow gameplay feels dull maybe it’s because of the browser game.

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Pre-Register Site: Ragnarok Journey

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