Dark and Light

Dark and Light is a fantasy sandbox MMORPG game with a full of mythical creatures, magical powers and constantly changing environment. The community of Dark and Light will be divided into three factions (Vardo, Estel and Zaharul).

Dark and Light Online Features

  • Open world fantasy sandbox MMORPG
  • Three factions to join
  • 12 races and 14 classes to choose from
  • Best n Class graphics (powered by Unreal Engine 4)
  • Constantly changing environment (sandbox RPG feature)
  • PvP and Large scale battles

Dark and Light Gameplay trailer

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Developer: Snail Games
Publisher: Snail Games
Platform: Windows (PC)
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Release date: TBA
Genre: Sandbox RPG
Mode: Multiplayer
Current Status: In Development

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