Ragnarok Online mobile open beta date, Global Release

The open Beta Test of Ragnarok Online Mobile announced during the Xindong music concert which is kick off on 1st March 2017. They also announced another test server which is available from 19 Jan 2017, which don’t require any keys to play. In this music concert, they also show VR support for this game.

Ragnarok Online Mobile Global Release

During this music concert, CEO of this game mention global server several times and also confirm Japanese version. At this moment there is no region block so anyone can play it, but the main problem is language and yet there is no news about English version.

Ragnarok Online Mobile Review from the main site

Here is a review from developers of Ragnarok Online Mobile on the official site of this game. In this review, you can see the difference between old classic Ragnarok Online and Ragnarok Online Mobile along with other features. There is also small animation video for this Mobile game.

Review Site: Ro.com

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Content of this review

  • Differentiation between old classic Ragnarok Online and new Mobile Ragnarok.
  • Photo capture function of Mobile Ragnarok.
  • VR gameplay preview
  • Life events in Ragnarok Online Mobile.
  • Boss hunting and War of Emperium gameplay.

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