Ragnarok Online Mobile (Guardian of Eternal Love)

Ragnarok Online one of the most famous MMORPG game released on August 31, 2002, which is developed by GRAVITY Co., Ltd after that we have seen many Ragnarok games like Ragnarok Online 2, Ragnarok Path of Heroes and many others. Ragnarok Online Guardian of Eternal Love which is reveal at ChinaJoy and in development from last year, after few test processes we can see how exactly this game look and work. This game mostly based on Ragnarok Online PC game but with 3D graphics and designed to play on Mobile devices.

Ragnarok Online guardian of eternal love

ragnarok online mobile

ragnarok prontera

Ragnarok Online Mobile Features

  • Open World MMORPG Game
  • 3D Graphics
  • PVP System
  • Job System (similar to main Ragnarok Online)
  • War of Emperium
  • Many Maps and quests to explore

Ragnarok Online Mobile Trailers

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Platform: Android, iOS

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