Nexon Arena Masters Global Release Soon

Arena Masters (Legend Begins) is an MOBA style game by Nexon, which mostly focus on PvP environment. Arena Masters has already launched in many countries and prepare to launch globally with the pre-registration event. Unlike other MOBA Arena Masters features various game modes, skills and equipment upgrade capability, such as MMORPG game features, we can say Arena Masters is a combination of MOBA and MMORPG game.

Arena Masters Features

13 playable characters
Real-time team battles
Various PvP Battle Modes (Zombie Virus, King of the Hill, Arena Duel, Team Deathmatch)
Skills and equipment upgrade functionality
No dungeons based level up and farming
Friends point and clan system
Variety of skins for each character

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Arena Masters Release Date

Arena Masters has been launched in many countries and also available in the English language but still, it is not available in western countries Google Play Store. Nexon preparing to launch Arena Masters globally, including pre-register event, date of launch is not yet confirmed, but mostly it will be available in the next month.

Pre-Registration site:

Arena Masters android apk
google playAPK

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