Hundred Soul upcoming mobile RPG game

Hundred Soul is an upcoming mobile action RPG game developed by Hound 13, previously known as Project 100. Project 100 first revealed on Nov 2016 at Unity Event, an amazing action packed game which is set for mobile devices, now we can finally see the progress. Recently Hound 13 announced publishing contract of Hundred Soul with a LINE, to publish Hundred Soul in 13 countries.

Hundred Soul Gameplay Trailer Overview

With a Unity Engine, it delivers gorgeous graphics and performance. Hundred Soul set to be an RPG game, looking at the gameplay, it seems like we can control more than one character at a time, similar to Final Fantasy, but we don’t have full control of other party members, they just used as a special skill. There are no details available, so we have to wait.

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Hound 13 Overview

It is a new name in the gaming industry, but most of the workers and founder are well-known for few amazing games such as Dragon Nest, Dungeon Striker and much more. Hound 13 is a Korean mobile game company founded in 2014 by a co-founder of Eyedentity Games.

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