New Dragon Nest Mobile games

Here are some of new Dragon Nest based Mobile games, World of Dragon Nest and Dragon Nest 2 Legend. Dragon Nest is a famous PC MMORPG game developed by Eyedentity Games. We have already seen Dragon Nest Mobile game which was published by Tencent Games in China region.

Dragon Nest 2 Legend English Release

Dragon Nest 2 Legend which was launched in Korea few months before, now available in the English language. The game follows a similar mechanism like the PC version, check out below game play video of Dragon Nest 2 Legend.

Dragon Nest 2 Legend Android Apk

Play Store: Play Store
Apk Pure: Apkpure

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World of Dragon Nest

Recently Eyedentity Games has revealed another Dragon Nest based MMORPG game, but The World of Dragon Nest features an open world mechanism and cross-platform capabilities. Check out the 2p article for many other details.

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